Welcome to my Blog Mr. and Mrs. Americas

So, here we start. Finally, I arrive to the actual creation of my first blog rather than continuing to walk around with words, thoughts, ideas that I’d like to share with the world bubbling around ready to be released.

I say “we” because this blog is less about me, and more about the sum of events, realities, people, circumstances and history that predates us, that lives with us, that produces us, that defines us, that remakes us, that is us. Are we not the sum of all that has come before us? Are we not the sum of all that is around us? We are individuals connected to a Source greater than ourselves: history, society, culture, one another, the Supernatural.

Yet, at the same time we manifest that Source in infinite ways: this is our claim to individuality.

So, here is my humble attempt to capture a glimpse of that manifestation of forces, specifically as it relates to our experience in the “Americas”. Yes, I am talking “the Americas”, not “the America”. Here is where the personal comes into my blog. I live at the crossroads of the Americas. My tropical, concrete, sometimes seemingly backwater, but trendy, surprisingly profound, cosmopolitan and artsy Miami. A place where, languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Kreyol rival with English for dominance on a daily basis. This is my purposeful home. My attempt to understand the greater forces that lie inside me: my love of soca, reggae, bachata, salsa, samba, zouk, my fascination with European tinged Native American and African peoples of the New World and their cultural, and personal survival and thrival. We will explore who we are as the sum of those three groups before us, the policies that shape us, the culture that we consider second nature and the personal triumph and struggle that is unique to us all as human beings and the by-products of our New World psyche. That exploration will come via poetry, rants, (well-thought out ones I promise) essays, erotica , photographs. I promise to go to full lengths to bring you authenticity, fullness of thought, insightful and well, beautiful language. I want you to see yourself here, as this blog is meant to be a reflection of who we all are as “Children of the Americas”.

Please comment, read and be open to the various sides of yourself . Allow yourself to explore the multifaceted dimensions that make you you. Become aware of the world, culture and history that make you unique. Well, enough of that ….Welcome to our blog Mr. and Mrs. Americas.


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