From Meager to Eager

I don’t want to miss my window of opportunity to comment on this great triumph of the human spirit to overcome impossible odds. I want to catch it before it is drowned out with the steady passage of days, life events, both routine and unexpected. Thankfully, most of us will never be able to identify with being trapped 2000 feet underground; clouded in darkness; unbathed and disheveled for days on end; worried that our date with destiny would come down to a slow and inevitable death far too soon; that our futures might be lost to a shroud of mystery and questions for our loved ones. However, as I watched those men come up triumphant over the impossible, able to breathe fresh air, surrounded by a crowd of people, friends and strangers alike, I couldn’t help but draw the analogy of what happens to each and everyone of us when we finally come up from a dark place, an emotional stronghold that seemed nearly impossible to overcome. Understandably when we have negative thought processes that we grew up with, adapted in reaction to or that have become our mantra, it can seem impossible to get where the rest of the world seems to be. We imagine others in the light. We imagine them eating, clean, pure, mobile, growing strong with the right fuel, while we grow dejected, weary, unable to stay on top of life events, of past events, and ultimately ourselves. We can find ourselves in a place where we feel the rest of the world is living and we are trapped in the dark mine, with no clear cut plan to get out, with no one to hear us. At some point, we all have been a miner in a dejected, dark emotional chamber. But, there was still some light, some food, some hope, some laughter, some opportunity to see that we were still alive, no matter how dramatic the situation or meager the food, the hope, the light or how rare the laughter. The miners remind us that we require very little to transcend, to come into the light so to speak. So, I want to send these encouraging words. We need so little to survive, and just a little bit more than that to thrive. You can transcend 2000 feet of darkness. Fresh air, new faces, new opportunities and a new respect for self and life are waiting on the other end. Just take a little bit of that hope, and fuel you have remaining and get your behind out that mine!

Have a Great Day All


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