Love in the Time of Revolution

Dedicated to all the loves that grow out of the birth pangs of a revolution…..  


All the shades of the world and I find myself burning up in this upheaval

From the heat of your sweat-glazed amber skin, I stop breathing reality

and give into the evolution of something I don’t know,

this unknown  that is tempered by the strength of you,

the poignancy of your convictions which I believe can sustain me for a lifetime.


I marry this moment because this is what is promised and well this is when it counts the most,

but I’ll continue to love you after the blood dries

and the inevitable dawn of change rises over us and we are made into something new overnight.


My love will transform and greet you in your new form

and will never lose its consistency

even under the pending brightness of a new Libyan sun.



3 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Revolution

  1. Touching! The word ‘revolution’ is one I have come to despise for what it has meant to my people, but this poem reminds me the true meaning of it. Thanks!

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