I-95 (Interstate 95)

To everywhere, to everything

To nowhere, to nothing

All its soldiers losing themselves to something,

viral thoughts,

rapacious ideas,

moments of clarity,

moments unclear,

Tenacious travelers towards coastal blue

Dense vegetation align an endless asphalt blue

Byways like branches to hidden concrete romances

New York, Annapolis, Charleston, Savannah

New starts, broken hearts, travelers revved up

Emotion magnified on lonely night stretches, others dulled out by the monotony of songs on heavy rotation

The counting of miles, numbers, destinations,

Tags whisk by boasting  original locations,

pieces to stories I secretly tell,

the sludge, the crispness, the hellos and farewells

and I differ from none,

I’ve felt it all

the freedom movement gives on that open haul.

It reminds me that I am free to roam,

and that it’s not the final destination,

but rather the road

that’s my home.


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