Panatelas and Such

I won’t result to such measures, you know fuku, panatelas, talks with saints and such,

Although, those  ancestral gifts have crossed my mind to keep the immediacy of your touch,

But after a long inner convo and a grasp at Oshun around my waist,

I figured to love you, and lose you must both have their equal place.


So, I insert maturity and walk out on strolls in paradise,

I insert ingenuity and distract tears from my eyes,

You know  that I am a tough type of sweet, you sip up my sugary goodness, but I don’t break or even get weak,

Because that goodness was yours for the keeping, and life refreshes it with my love of living

I can afford to love infinitely, or

to spend or to waste on you,

It is the beauty of life

that to give too much true love is something one can never do.

Copyright © 2011 Nichelle Calhoun


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