Summary (Rough Draft)

I always share a poem in its final stage, but today I will post and unfinished poem as I think through the mix of thoughts that are going through my head as I read some of the wonderful blogs by other black women…I think I want to share the the actual journey of my thoughts and not just the final destination…I welcome any ideas that come to mind as you read through…..about you and your own summaries…

I am


with red tinges,

a hand-me down from a southern plantation,

from slave masters

like Calhoun

who imprinted their name on my ancestors final destination,

but they couldn’t control ascendance.

Those are heavenly matters,

which live on in their descendents,

like me.

I am not ashamed to say,

I was born from the blood of a slave,  maybe an offspring of an Indian or a white woman too

who fought her plight ,

seeking the arms of a Negro man in the depths of the night.

I don’t reject what is.

I am those things past, and present

I am,

We are,

the sum of what’s before,

A mountain of the present, conduits for more,

Future things.

The past doesn’t ride us, its hindsight instead serves to guides us…..(insert your thoughts here)


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