are clear running sad spots escaping from the soul.


laughter gushing through what the body is unable to hold.


responses to symbolic gestures.


physical manifestations of what the heart treasures.


Most which live their varied destinies on women’s cheeks,

Most that rise and subside with emotional lows-peaks-and kinks,

Most wiped over and explained away,

Most gentle reminders of what our inner selves are really trying to say.


What it is to live, and perceive to be free,

Reconciling our tragic experiences, with notions of independence and visibility.

Saying we have found cracks in glass ceilings, and all the while suffering

Under the constraints of our personal dealings.

Our tears are liquid streams of truth,

Verifiable pieces of the soul-we involuntarily produce.

They are our most intimate partners,

The ones we conceal, or share with our lovers, mothers, sisters, daughters

They ride their way through valleys-peaks and kinks

But live out their destines best on the rouged softness of a woman’s  cheek.

*Piece shared on internet radio show, Sisters in Harmony on Thursday March 15, 2012

Copyright © 2012 Nichelle Calhoun


4 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Just. Wow.
    So nice to see artist with something important to say.
    words that ask us to pray ,not just play. words,
    that keep us living, day to day.
    Thank You Cuz,.

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