Indian Summer

I’d like to apologize.

For, well, exiting.

 And doing so quite unexpectedly.

You see, I had presumed I would stay longer, really.

I had presumed like so many of us have presumed before that this would be a lifetime,

 but turns out it was just an Indian summer.

But, please know I really did like your smooth elegance,

 your quickness to be near me, 

your entirety that you mapped out  so plainly for me.


I did, I did.

In the beginning.

But, at a clearly defined moment,  all that just up and walked out.

I witnessed it.

It  just arrogantly, haughtily dismissed itself.

It  wrapped up your elegance, your quickness to love me and just

Compartmentalized all that “entirety you offered up” in one very clearly labeled box in my mind,


 “I’m sorry, you are  just not the one.”

Copyright © 2012 Nichelle Calhoun


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