The Girl in the Window

The girl in the window

was street stopping fine,

had lyrical lips,  an ivy league mind,

was the spontaneous type and quite intense,

acted with her heart  but still had good sense,

could dance to anything that had a beat,

smiled at everyone she passed on the street,

laughed a bit but cried it too,

wasn’t the average girl this certainly was true,

disliked movies, distracting she claimed,

loved long talks and hated playing games,

lived her life on the edge of pleasure and pain,

always bounced back she said it was all the same,

danced her danced, no religious talk,

 she once took off running from her religious walk,

found herself in messes she hesitated to recount,

but said her spirituality was only just a shout,

told me she thoroughly enjoys her thinking space,

and prefers her window seat  in the glass case.

Copyright © 2012 Nichelle Calhoun


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