One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award



1} Thank the blogger

Thank you for nominating me.  I am thankful for the support and feedback you have given me and now I ,too, can pass on the goodness.

2} Give 7 random facts about yourself

1~ I am my purest self when I am listening to music or when I am in water.

2~ I love very hard. I willingly let it consume me because I have no problem consuming it.

3~ I have a weakness for a nice set of cheekbones.

4~ I like being in the belly of a place. Far from the beaten path.

5~ I speak diplomatically, but my thoughts aren’t always the most diplomatic.

6~ I am constantly in the heart versus head battle. My head loses a lot.

7~ I enjoy connecting with people: chatting, laughing, confiding.

3} Nominate 15 blogs (Sorry, I only have 8 so far)









The journey has just begun for me and I am looking forward to more writing and growing.




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