Soundtracks to Life’s Songs

On a bass addiction high,

In my front seat I ride,

With my mirror pointed to my face,

I get my morning rush of all out bass,

I glide through traffic an outer water sub,

I turn Mondays into a Friday night club,

My lips are red, they match them lights,

I’m reeking bass,

Like Friday night.


On my sofa I lay out to dry,

I hit repeat and then lay out to cry,

I agree with the words, see no difference in sight,

Me and that singer musta dated the same man…. Alright,

I reach over and pour a bitter red into my glass

Then let sorrow fill up the room like show-stopping sass,


I’ve felt it all on the back of a beat,

There is a soundtrack to everything

that is sure to be.

*Poem read for Thursday’s Sisters in Harmony Radio Program

Copyright © 2012 Nichelle Calhoun


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