Temporary (Throwback Piece to 2006)

So, it is something about reading something you wrote years ago. It takes you back to a place that you may have already forgotten. I found this piece written seven years ago on my old hard drive.  I definitely recall going through these feelings with someone I was infatuated with but saw no long-term future with, ironically we still remain good, good friends. Although this was a piece that was never meant to see the light of day, a private venting piece, I will still share.  I see how I have changed as a writer and as a person. 

You ain’t mine darling, You ain’t mine,

 But Lord knows I’d like to see you another time,

 I’d like to remember the tremble in your long lean thighs,

 And trick myself into happiness with temporary lies,

 You know I know that there ain’t no might,

 Cuz we’ve long accepted that we just ain’t right,


Together that is.


But we could marry darling, and be prepared for divorce,

Knowing this love is only on a short term course,

It would last just up until the day before our beauty ran out and

Our afro-exotic sexual appeal was about to lose clout,


With the other.


But we got time for that.


So brother we can just take that dance,

Cuz what you offer, I’d take that chance,

I’d revel in what we had for this limited time,

And save all the dramatics,

Cuz you ain’t mine


And most  importantly…


I ain’t yours.


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