These Maroon Dreams

These maroon dreams

and their legs

have dragged, bled, stumbled, dug out, then walked, sprinted,

rejoiced in dance

and have ridden spirits in from the next world into this one.


These maroon dreams and their legs

have been bound in middle passages,

have worked beyond Georgia, South Carolina plantation circumstances,

have run into a Florida wilderness,

to push canoes out into a placid tropical unknown sea.

These maroon dreams

have run from plantation lowland to dense tropical highland

have searched for brother, sister, mother, daughter, uncle, and aunt in the thickness of just not knowing.


These maroon Dreams

have walked westward trails and dropped tears

that blossomed into Cherokee Roses

have saddled horses

and migrated north, south, east, and west

on four-legs and two-legs

on crafts that glide and vessels that ride waves into a destination unchartered


These maroon dreams

dwell on peaks,

They grow and persist in conditions of adversity,

They thrive in abysses, in struggle, in jungles of hurt, in the harshness of reality, in ironically beautiful but imperfect unknown places,

These maroon dreams do not rest in mediocrity,

They do not stay in place

Because by definition they are wild.

 These maroon dreams are the stunning, dancing, life-giving, self evident nature of the freedom to pursue happiness,

 And our God-given entitlement to a destiny 

 That is as great as we are willing enough to see it.

Copyright © 2013 Nichelle Calhoun


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