Still my sadness was steeped in the strength of the sunshine-

                The staggering stench of uninhibited truth still filling the air.

                Now, I’m drinking it tonight.

                It reeks.

It guts of me of my goodness –the memory of you minimizing me in slow motion.

                My chin in your hand

                To put me in my place.

                                You find me unruly.

I am an unsafe, perversion of love you tell me in the spewing anger.

                She is safe.


You remind me

-she is a persistent option.

You don’t need her chin in your hand.

                You have nothing to spew for her.


I am silent.


3 thoughts on “Deemed

  1. OK, what happened Saturday night 😉 How are you babe. I’m in Congo now and ‘working from home’ We are only 6 hours apart now so let’s skype this week?

    love to you and ngazi Lu

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