Vanishing from the Earth,
In violent reds,
A spectrum of browns,
We women chase after our men like holy grails,
Throwing to the wind our reverence, fear and admiration for their mystical beauty,
their misinterpreted moves and styles,
We chase them around in love,
and in terror that they might be,
Easily deleted,
Just like black typos,
By self-appointed authors hell-bent on whitening them out
With capitalist hands,
These sacred brown men belong to us mothers, us wives, us daughters, us girlfriends,
who bet on their potential,
who hang on to the bend and flow of their movements,
who kiss golden, copper, jet black chests with such a furor
That forever is wrapped in each kiss-

Just in case.

They belong to us,
and we will not sit silently as their beautiful browns vanish into a tide of violent reds.


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