Pull my hair in a bun,

And slip on my slim, cotton blue dress stolen from former daytime use.

I send a text or two to you when the night has tucked me in and laid me bare against my belly and my full thoughts.

I know I must prepare for the 5 am HIIT that is waiting to dent my day, and

Remind me that I am steel too, even right now.

I shed a tear. A round, full, untimely tear.

Lately, I have the ones that don’t even announce themselves. They just show up when I flashback to all the tremors.

But I now know it is because I infinitely love like that. When one seeks to demolish through deed or action, I will still be the solid structure ready to withstand.

But you tell me that the point is a true love wouldn’t put me in a storm or a tremor in the first place and suddenly, I am dry.

I am resolve.

I am rational.

I am well-lit.











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